Designed Landscapes

Nebuchadnezzar II, purportedly commission the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. He rules between 605 and 562 BC. The idea of a landscape that has been adjusted to please the eye delight the heart is not a new idea.

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Gardens were a luxury

Most poor people who had access to any land at all used it to grow food. That was the best way for them to feed their family and maybe have a little left over to sell or bargain with.

It was only the rich who could afford to set aside valuable land simply for pleasure, and the bigger the park that a landowner had, the more effectively they were pointing out their wealth. Now times have changed somewhat and the idea of a landscaped garden appeals to many who have space and so companies like landscape company Littleton work their magic on smaller plots of land.

Elements of a Garden

The basic ingredient is the plants. They are dependent on geography and climate, soil type and access to water. Although the garden owner does have a lot of choice in what plants to put in their gardens some will simply not flourish. No one will grow an outdoor orchid in Iceland for example.

Beyond the plants, the garden can then be shaped by whimsy. Water features, mazes, follies, rocks, and gazebos can all be used to add character and form a pleasing vista.

Function beyond form

This century we have become collectively more interested in where our food comes from there has been a similar interest in practical gardens. An increasing desire for organic fruit and vegetables means more people are growing their own in kitchen gardens. These small gardens usually contain herbs and vegetables produced in smaller, family-sized quantities without the use of chemicals and pesticides.